YES! The dreaded curse word has come up...more so in my life right now.  Those of you who follow my blog will know that I have been out of my 9 year relationship for 2 years now and people are beginning to ask about my love life; I don't think to be nosy, but more so to want the best for me.  I have dated in these two years and met several suitable men, but stemming from my previous experience, my standards have gone up. The reason is not only do I want to avoid the same heartache, but also I have risen and I need to be matched by someone who can level with me, challenge me, teach me, push me to my limits because he knows I can.  Ugh....if only we can custom make our perfect mate!  Please, find me a person who has not had any relationship woes, and I may just hug you! << (I'm not a hugger.)

This isn't easy, love isn't easy...Wait, to fall in love may be simple, but to STAY in love is the challenging part.  To have the butterflies go on forever, you must "Like" the person you are with.  Like to talk to them, Like to be around them, Like to be still with them, just LIKE them in general.  Not easy huh?  There are times when I can't stand my best friend and she's known me since we were kids, so how am I supposed to always Like a person I just met who has me deep in my emotions? But hey, that's how relationship prevail.  You must have a solid foundation and a good stream of communication, otherwise....doomed.  Once you find yourself ignoring your intuition and subsiding to your partners wants without considering your own needs.....it's time to go before you completely become someone you don't recognize. 

I want my love to be unexpected, I don't want to plan to like someone so I can fabricate images of what our relationship will entail and then further depict the doom when what I envisioned did not come to light.  I just want it to naturally flow.  I want us to laugh and miss each other even though we are holding hands at that moment. I want to be able to share my darkest secret and not have to worry about him turning them against me.  In the middle of an argument, I want him to just grab me and kiss me with passion, because he will know, as bulled headed as I am, I still need someone to cut me off and make me remember that the frustration isn't always worth it.  I want to come home and see that he had came home early to fix me dinner because he knows I had a hard day at work.....and I will do all this for him, because love is a mutual exchange. 

Flow With Easter

Happy Easter EVERYONE!
I hope all of you are enjoying this day, but let us not forget what this day is about...
It is the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and held (in the Western Church) between March 21 and April 25, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.

This dress was a SHOP RL original (no longer available). I only had 5 of these dresses and they sold out in 2 days.  I love my SHOP RL supporters! Good news is you can still purchase some of the accessories I'm wearing.  Enjoy the day my darlings! Kiss kiss. 

Before the Bunny

Happy Pre-Easter!
This dress is a SHOP RL special, great for the warm weather, and the colors are PERFECT for the Easter weekend.  I hope all of you have plans to hunt, eat, and drink...that's what I plan to do.  My friend and I have come up with an idea for next Easter; an ADULT Easter Egg Hunt!  There will be eggs filled with mini liquor bottles, gift cards, and well...other adult items that I will not mention at this time. :-)  The only reason we did not do it this year was we just thought about it less than 24 hours ago!  Tomorrow the kids and I are headed to Vintage Park to see the Bunny and enjoy the atmosphere.  We'll have a small egg hunt at home and then the family will gather for BBQ.  Can't wait!  Kiss kiss my darlings!

Center My Chi

What are friends if they can't tell you when you're off your "Chi"?

Friend: Raya, what is going on with you? You need to get yourself together. You're all unorganized and everywhere these days.

I don't always like to admit it, but I do get overwhelmed at times.  I fall into a stigma of what is expected of me and I consume myself in these thoughts in attempts to achieve perfection and I wear myself thin trying and trying to meet the demands of others; school appointments, medical check ups, business meetings, social events, bedtime routines, fitness expectations, blog posts, new outfit ideas, new reading material, emails, phone calls, text messages....ugh.  


Drink Wine.
Plan a Vacation.

Wolf of Wall Street

Complete look is from H&M! But, wait listen to this.....I found these pinned stripped pants on the sale section and you will never guess what the price was!.....$5.00!!!!! YES, I said that right, they were ONLY $5.00 and it was the last one AND IT WAS MY SIZE!  I believe it was meant to be.

(Shoes: BCBG: DSW)

I've never worn suspenders before, but I kind of like 'em!  They bring an essence of prestigious old school class and sophistication.  I think I can get comfortable with this look.