Ass, Ass, Ass....Intelligence

So by now, we have all seen the cover photo starring Nicki Minaj's........ummmm....you know.  Keep in mind that she is part of the industry where this is very common and not at all taboo, regardless of critics and I am Team Nicki, but it leaves me to ask:  Does a woman with massive "assets" outshine a woman with massive intelligence?  Not to say that Ms. Nicki is lacking on brain cells because she has strategically carved a pretty comfortable spot for herself in music plus a slew of endorsements and sponsors, but  let's not just gawk at a woman's figure, let us also identify her accomplishments.  These amazing women below not only have the features that only God can create, but also some brain power that will have you pondering your own achievements.

Natalie Portman
Fluent in 6 languages and graduated Harvard with a Psychology Degree.

Aisha Tyler
TV Personality
Fluent in 4 languages and graduated Dartmouth with a degree in Government and a minor in Environmental Policy.

Alicia Keys
Graduated High School at 16 as Valedictorian and was offered a scholarship to Columbia University.  

Cindy Crawford
Graduated High School as Valedictorian and received a scholarship to attend Northwestern University to study Chemical Engineering. 

Rashida Jones
Graduated Harvard with a degree in Religion and Philosophy. 

Angela Bassett
Graduated Yale with a Bachelor's Degree in African American studies and a Master's Degree in Fine Arts.
P.S. Ms. Bassett can give these 20 somethings a run for their money...have you seen her physique?  WOW!

Ms. Independent 4th Anniversery

So I know I have mentioned this social group many times, but here it is again in brief: In 2012, when I relocated to Texas, I joined a women's social group called Ms. Independent on MeetUp.com.  The group consists of positive women who want to meet and network with other similar women.  Since being part of the group, I've met some great ladies and have become really good friends with the founder.  On Saturday, June 26, was the 4th anniversary of this group.  The party was held at Water2Wine which is a very quaint place to sip and purchase wine.

Dress: Forever21 circa 2007 (some things I don't ever throw away)
Shoes: A Gift

Above is the look I was originally going for, but do you ever get in the car after you've spent hours figuring out what to wear, how to do your hair, and which heels to slip into.......and then change your image at the last minute?  See below....

Yup, I ended up switching to sandals and covering my perfectly waved-over-the-eye hair with a hat.

The appetizers were awesome and perfect for the wine.

As part of the main feature of this party, we were able to bottle our own wine with the group's signature label.  I got a red chocolate raspberry port.....mmmmmm.

This is the woman who founded Ms. Independent, Erin Creeks.

Everyone received gift bags and there were raffle prizes as well.  I donated a gift bag full of fashion accessories from my own business.

The RL Style giveaway bag consisted of a make-up brush set, clutch purse, fashion watch with bracelets, designer "H" bracelet, and Blinged bracelets. 

But, of course the night didn't end at Water2Wine; after the party was over, we drove to West Ave and had dinner at Del Frisco's Grille.  I ordered the Ahi Tuna Tacos with a side of Grits with Cajun Lobster Sauce.  The tacos were delicious, but I could not finish the grits.  The ladies and I ate drank and talked.  About what?  Oh, the usual, tv shows, movies, books, kids, fitness, food, dating, and men.  Ladies if you are in Houston, you should join us!

Casually Mixed

Top: Ross
Skirt: Old Navy
Necklace: Target
Purse: Sam Moon
Sandals: Kohl's

Some Saturday mornings, instead of running errands, I take the kids out for some books and ice cream.  Since I take pride in how I present myself to the public, I want my kids to make the same gestures.  Of course with my son still being very young, his choice of clothing is simple, but my daughter is coming to a stage where she wants to match Mommy.

Gabriel's Look: Kohl's
Vanessa's Look: Target

Floral Prints

Call me girly, but I LOVE floral prints! These dresses will be in my closet soon!  I like that waist is accentuated to highlight your curves and the length keeps it classy.  These dresses are a gift from a distributor for me to frolic and play.  Keep posted!

Healthy Bites: Pancakes

This isn't a new recipe, but my kids love these healthy banana pancakes.  All you need is 2 ingredients, YES only 2; one large banana and 2 eggs.  You start by mashing the banana, it's okay if you have small chunks, then add the eggs and mix together.  For flavor, I add some cinnamon, but only a dash.

1 Banana. 2 eggs ( you can used white or brown eggs.)

Mash the banana and mix the ingredients together. I use the blender, but just only 2-3 pulses.

Sometimes I add strawberries or blueberries to make the pancakes extra good. My son likes to melt some Nutella and drizzle over his plate, my daughter just likes to use butter.  ENJOY! 

Highland Village


Today I went and had lunch with my friend Erin who is also founder of MsIndependent.  We went to Highland Village with is an upscale area in Houston (Close to Upper Kirby).  The plan was to go to a restaurant called "UP", but to our surprise, they do not serve lunch on the weekends, so we opted for Raw Sushi.  For a treat, we stopped at Sprinkles Cupcakes, YUM! They had apple juice that was in the cutest glass jar, so I had to get one for a keepsake!  Afterwards we perused the area and entertained the idea of living a carefree, lavish lifestyle one day.  

Blazer: H&M
Tank: Forever21
Shorts: Forever21
Lipgloss: L'Oreal
Necklace & Earrings: Sam Moon
Shoes: Sam Moon

IG: @iamrayal
IG: @rl_styled2class

Kids School Style

Stylish parents should have stylish kids.  With summer coming close to an end, get ready to do some school shopping for your little kiddies!  But, don't fret mom and Dad, there are a lot of great places to go to find your young trendsetter the best looks without breaking the bank.

Forever 21 Girls
Target (Personal Fav)
Marshall's/T.J Maxx (Great money saver on designer labels)
The Children's Place (more for the little tikes)
Old Navy

Trophy Wife

I always joke around with my friends saying that I am aspiring to be a trophy wife so there is no need for me to work hard or become established because my rich husband will already have the status I need to get ahead in life.  BUT, in reality, my true idea of being a trophy wife is a bit far fetched than how one is depicted in this article HERE, especially numbers 3, 4, and 5. I like my age, I don't need surgery, and I digress from wanting highly narcissistic friends.  My thoughts of a trophy wife is more so a supportive wife who is already established in her own right (she had a known name before she took her husband's name) and doesn't just lean on her husband for a comfortable living.

Society's Trophy Wives:
Melania Trump - Although she was a model, we did not know her until she became a beautiful wife.
Vanessa Bryant - This pretty woman has taken on the perfect role of a doting mother and supportive wife to her all star and sometimes that's all a family needs to stay together. 
Nicole Murphy - We can see how she caught the attention of her now ex, Eddie Murphy, just radiant.

My thoughts of a Trophy Wife: 
Victoria Beckham - This Spice Girl turned heads before David caught her.
Kim Kardashian - As controversial has her start may have been, she can support her own lifestyle.
Angelina Jolie - No explanation needed.

Men's Style

Although my generation and preceding generations have become accustomed to boys wearing baggy clothes, graphic t-shirts, belt-less over sized pants, and sneakers, there is still the option to make this look presentable especially if this is your kind of style. 

Yet, I believe many women can appreciate a man who steps out of that "Street" style and steps into a more debonair look.  The people I grew up with calls this "Pretty Boy" style. 

Jumpsuit Style

In the 1960's jumpers or jumpsuits came on to the fashion scene, but gained mass popularity on the 1980's.  They are considered very convenient and stylish for everyday attire. See some example below of how you can wear your jumpsuit, although many times you will not need much to make you look pop, the jumpsuit does that all in its own.